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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In: Roanoke, VA USA
Occupation: Management Consultant
Children: I have a daughter, Ashley, born 1989, and a son, Justin, born 1991.
Which Elementary School did you attend?

Mt. Vernon - Home of Happy Children(now the senior/youth center)

Who told you about the website or how did you find us?

Robert Shepherd

After School/ Summer Job?

too many - don't know where to start - discount records at tanglewood mall was the last one, ended up managing it.


I have 2 great kids which have been my life for the past, well nearly 25 years. I've worked in their schools as a volenteer, coached their rec ball teams and watched more plays, concerts and games than I ever knew existed. (Our poor parents) And in the 35 years since CSHS I have managed 6 stores, had 3 businesses of my own and been a store manager, business consultant, insurance agent/broker, travel agent , and a courier. And in college a construction site manager (glorified clerk), electricians helper, burger cook and record store clerk. Wow, it kind of overpowers the senses. I'm tired just reading it.

I've spent most of the past 15 yrs taking care of my parents, running my store, chasing after my kids at one event or another. Now I have a married daughter and a son that can cook and does so for the Roanoker Rest.

Best Memory:

I remember being at Steve Summers house and he and I going outside to find Rob Adcox being drug around the yard by a St. Benard with Rob's shoe in his mouth (one of the funniest things I ever saw). A winter ice storm our sr year, a large group of us had an ice bowl football game in Cresent Heights. 3" of ice, 2" of snow didn't deter us. Funny things happen on ice. Tim Angle did you hit Adcox right with those passes? Hey Rob what did you do to Grey "hockey" Smith? Was he spring loaded? And does anyone know who rolled the bowling ball down the hallway Sr year? Pat Walsh's pranks (miss you Pat) The C.S.L.A. waa waa waa; superballs thru the partition into May Johnson's Oh and Tony and Fred's 1st period english entrance everyday at 5 min after the bell, (well it was 1st period) walk to the front and 1,2,3, heads down on the desk...poor MS. Smith, remember that Tim, Monty?

Friday night football, Texas Tavern, Pizza Inn, cruising Williamson Rd. I remember a game vs F.C. when Adcox and I were minding our own business (yeah right) and were being chased by 6-7 "moonshine boys" and as we neared the home side see a few of our friends, well we saw Willard,
and then saw a few others, Jon you scared those boys to death, we were just the mob.
At another game, a bunch of us were waiting behind the goal posts for an extra point (the Knights seemed to have a lot of those in our senior year) I think Adcox was going to run with the ball, but they either had it blocked or screwed up the snap. THANKS Bobby! And who could forget the mud bowl? or Brian being tackled by having his pants pulled off (well nearly)?

Oh and a few of my chemistry classmates may remember Mrs. Reed receiving a 45 (record not gun) of "Short People" by Randy Newman (who would have done that?) It was all in fun as she was one of everyone's favorite teachers. Isn't that right Steve Fleming? Tim Marshall may remember Dave Barnette and I getting called down by Mrs Reed for our Mac & Tosh rantings while we should have been balancing chem equations.

So many fond memories!! Watching friends like Gary Oyler and the baseball team, the 10 o'clock water cooler break and one of the funniest things ever...Adcox where did you go? I remember we were walking back to class after an assembly we almost make the doors in front of the office and I say " hey Rob look there's Li.....Rob, Rob where'd you go?" only to find you had ducked into the phone booth. Ah come on Rob!

Driving down 419 and rounding the curve after the Cath. church and watching the wheel cover of my 72 Impala roll past me at 50 mph. Then making a couple u-turns to go back and get Rob Adcox to jump out and grab it as I continued rolling at 5 mph, He throws the cover in the back floor and jumps in as I stomp the pedal to the floor, thus slamming the door and spraying gravel everywhere. Are we late again Rob?

El Duce'!!!! The good, the bad & the ugly!! The morning anouncements....Ted Nugent report to the office!! And my favorite...put the car back guys!!! Yes Sir Mr. Life!!!hehehe. Hey does anyone in the office really know how to spell my name? It's not hard...and yes the K is silent and no you don't say the K in Knapp anymore than you do in Knights!!! lol... and they were the teachers? let's see 4 home rooms in one year...has to be a record!!

As for all the friends I'd had since 1st grade (Mrs I remembered that?)...thanks for the good times and great memories. Debbie Behl for being the sweetest friend, (ah look it's Debby), Pat Walsh the funniest, Rob the most fun, Mark Overacker for waking me up to go to english, Tim Angle for the most fun I ever had getting clobbered playing touch football. Throw it to ADCOX!!!!and the springloaded Hockey Smith. Tim we could have made a fortune if we'd only had video recorders back then. Monty thanks for making my disaster of a golf game so obvious.

Then there's Rob Adcox!!! We've been best friends since 6th grade when he saw I had a Richard Petty Roadrunner model. and no Rob I haven't finished the corvette model!!! Well buddy...thanks for driving me down Colonial Ave in the wrong lane, forwarding your calls to James Gastineau and calling me at 2am just to tell me you will be calling me later! And you're welcome for the ride home after the 9 mile run to Glenvar...I know I'm forgetting something fun but I'll have to think on that.

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