Robert Adcox

Profile Updated: February 12, 2018
Residing In: Roanoke, VA USA
Spouse/Partner: I almost had one, but she ran off with a ferret salesman
Occupation: Writer (freelance, which is a convenient way to say I sit around in my shorts until four a.m. writing stuff which will probably never be published).
Military Service: Air Force.  
Which Elementary School did you attend?

Oak Grove

Who told you about the website or how did you find us?

Robert Shepherd, circa 2009

After School/ Summer Job?

Steer House; Hill's; mom's purse


Upon graduation, I landed a gig as a taste tester for the Hershey Company. That job was destined to be short lived, however, as my consumption of Whoppers (TM) and Coca-Cola caused so much gas that the Hershey Security Response Team was called due to flatulence so loud that the tourists were frightened and the famed candy company had to end a tour of the plant. Following that brief stint, I took a job driving a snow plow in Minnesota. Unfortunately, my position was terminated from Snow Job, Inc. because I was unable to make it in to work due to inclement weather. It wasn't long after that that I decided to try my hand at college. I should have used my brain, too, as my very first gpa- a .615- foretold of a two year experience in academic floundering at VWCC. I sensed that I needed a break from poor decision-making, so off I went into the wild blue yonder at Lackland AFB. Turned out that the Air Force, in its infinite wisdom, had no room for people with Bipolar disorders to train to be Security Specialists. An inconvenient reality, too, as I had demonstrated an overabundance of excitement during the M60 phase of training. Giggling is considered taboo on a rifle range, as an aside. I was issued my DD256. (That's an Honorable Discharge for those of you who took the smarter route and stayed in college.) Finally realizing that I had matured sufficiently to return to college, I petitioned to be readmitted into Virginia Western. The aforementioned gpa matured too, growing into a young adult of a gpa at a 2.0. Eventually I transferred to New Mexico State University. I'm a big fan of irony, so what better major to pursue than a psychology degree amidst a never-ending series of manic highs and depressive lows? I think it was after the riot which I broke up, singlehandedly, in order to have some quiet so I could study that I began to think something wasn't quite right with me. Actually, chasing down, on foot, the car filled with gang members through rush hour traffic (while screaming maniacally), caused a Las Cruces police officer to handcuff me and haul my out-of-shape butt to the emergency room for an eval. Subsequently I was assigned a psychiatrist who diagnosed me specifically as having a Bipolar I disorder. In all of those years since, I've kept busy working, writing, and several other -ings which are not only too numerous to mention but also too boring to read about. Now I'm going to bed. It's late, I'm tired, and I'm out of Whoppers. The candy company and snow plow jobs were fictional, and any resemblance between me and such positions are beyond coincidental. God Bless. ;)

Best Memory:

Rick Trout, Pat Walsh, Kevin Rorer, and the whole Cave Spring Liberation Army promoting consternation among the faculty and staff. Skipping school by forging notes indiscernible by FBI handwriting. There's so much I can say here that it would fill a book, which gives me an idea...

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